Bloodstone Crystal: What's Draining Your Life? Detox & Heal Your Life W/ Bloodstone!

Got a Bloodstone Crystal? Well...If you are feeling drained/tired/Zapped...What's Draining Your Blood/Energy? What's Draining Your Life force? Bloodstone Crystal Helps To stop The "Bleeding" and Energy Drain So You Can Live! You can Detox your Blood/Energy! Caroline Jalango shares how Bloodstone crystals (heliotrope) helps her identify the things, people, relationships, places,situations, events, emotions, thoughts, attitudes that drain her (blood) life force energy. Bloodstone crystal is useful for eliminating toxic emotions and stressful situations that drain your life. Bloodstone is a stone that helps circulatory blood related issues. So it is a great crystal for a crystal elixir blood purifying detox. This healing dark green stone healing stone with red spots on it symbolizes the nourishing and life giving force of blood.