Crystal Elixirs: How I Make Crystal Elixirs/Gemstone Water (Tips) & Why I Love it!

Have you tried healing crystal elixirs? Yummm! Crystal Elixir benefits are Awesome! Caroline Jalango shares how she makes crystal elixirs/crystal water/gemstone water and tips on how to make crystal elixirs! Healing Crystals work on subtle energy and shift vibrations to bring us into balance and alignment. To make crystal elixirs she uses sacred geometry and symbols, the power of intention and mantra, affirmative positive words, visualization, the energies of the sun and moon energy, color therapy and tumbled quartz family crystals that represent the 7 main chakras.( Amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, rose quartz, green aventurine, red jasper, smoky quartz, aquamarine, shungite, bloodstone, blue agate, carnelian, sunstone,  etc) She uses distilled water because that is her preferred water choice. She does not use any crystals that end with an "ite" on her crystal elixirs because most of them are toxic.  Crystals are a healing and loving consciousness...enjoy them in any way they present themselves.  I don't take the crystal water in drops or tincture dozes...I guzzle the whole thing! Love Wins!