Healing Crystal Bracelets, Intention Jewelry, Yoga Jewelry, Orgone Pyramids and Pendants

We offer a variety of Healing Crystal Bracelets and Intention Jewelry. Our stretch bracelets are made from 100% Natural Genuine Stones. We offer bracelets made from Amethyst, Tipger Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Hemetite, Black Tourmaline, Fluorite, Lanradorite and many many more. Our bracelets are often worn by Yoga enthusiast and instructors, Reiki practitioners, Healers and more.

Adding Orgone Energy and Healing Crystals to your environment is a great way to improve your quality of life. Orgone Pyramids and Healing Crystals have been proven to lower stress, improve overall health, and increase happiness. Discover the power of Orgone and Crystals. All materials used in our orgonite is blessed with sage. All stones used are handpicked. We strive to use a variety or colorfull stones and metals to provide you with not only an Orgone Pyramid that is beatiful but also powerful. When buying Orgone pyramids or Orgonite Jewelry it is important to make sure they are made with alternating layers of organic material (stones,shells,wood etc) and inorganic materials (metals). This alternating layers is what makes orgone effective. ORGONE is also known as prana, life force, ki, chi, mana, universal energy...etc. Orgone creations are simply energy storehouses. The energy they store is spiritual energy, energy that nurtures your being, your soul. When your energy is low the recharging happens fast. 
Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a gifted and visionary scientist that fled the Nazis to America, rediscovered a form of energy which he called 'Orgone'. Willhelm Reich described ‘orgone’ being universally present and can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically (a device he invented to see orgone) Reich discovered that when non organic (metal) and organic material (wood or cotton usually) are mixed together in layers it would act as a magnet to this energy. So he developed big boxes of these mixtures of non organic (metal sheet) and –organic layers (wood) where he placed his patients inside where they would receive high amount of this orgone (life force) in their bodies. Reich patients were cured of different illnesses including high advanced stages of cancer. That created a conflict with the medical establishment. Reich was sent to prison where he died. Reich Orgone discovery was passed along and today Reich’s orgone work is rediscovered as great healing tool helping the body and subtle bodies become (w)hole, a state of harmony. Orgone is known as orgone devices or generators or orgonite. This is just a simple combination of metal particles and resin that create the orgone matrix.People from around the world started to make orgone devices also known as 'orgonite' using metal/resin combo, adding gemstones and crystals to amplify and center the energy of orgone.WATER in particular charged water is an important component added to orgone matrix as water keeps the frequencies high and clear at all times. Energy sensitive people noticed that orgone devices without water added to the matrix become stagnant in time, losing their charge. 
Orgone Healing The structure of orgonite attracts energy into it . That is to gather energy and that the structure does by itself. Pollution, greed, ignorance is degrading our planet. Our bodies and mind have to deal with negative energy every day. When you use the orgone energy field, as it is designed, it will energize you with a high level of energy channeled to you by your etheric friends, or higher self. When you use orgone devices, some will experience seeing different colors, see visions, feel tingling, heat or coldness or both at the same time or all of the above. What you experience will be determined by your spiritual evolvement. All will be different. You may experience light headedness or dizziness or a little wobbly when you get up this will pass with no side effects. This produces a very high level of energy. The smaller Orgone gifts (cones) can be used for healing the chakras, by keeping them on the spine of the object for about fifteen minutes, to stimulate 'kundalini' energy flow, use of crystals and using Reiki, or some form of bio etheric healing, from a distance gives increased results. Since these devices enhance all kinds of energy. An experiment you can try is take a picture of the device, sometimes you can capture it's aura , or a spirit above or near the device. Orgone is known to have it's own consciousness. 

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